Sunday, April 28, 2013

Difficult Technology Lessons

I decided this morning to just bring my iPad to breakfast and do my morning reading. One of my favorite email's that I get every morning is from the New York Times.

This morning there was an article "How Big Data Is Playing Recruiter For Specialized Workers" that I found rather interesting. After reading the article I decided to click the Google+ button and share the article on Google+ - a common thing for me to do.

Now the trouble starts.

I write as I think or speak (that's dangerous) so thoughts come and go. I type then edit, add some more, edit some more and once it is the way I want it I hit the "Share" or "Publish" button and away it goes. I do the same thing here at Blogger. I make sure it is what I want to say. Sometimes I miss a typo however I am getting better at finding those before I publish.

Now the issue: Working here at Blogger or on Windows Live Writer, if something happens whatever I am doing is saved as a draft. Not so when clicking on the Google+ button. In some cases, in working on my computer, if what I am writing disappears I can go back and click the Google+ plus button again and what I had been writing reappears - wonderful.

Not so on the iPad. If, for whatever reason, the Google+ window goes away you have lost whatever you have written. Now someone may have figured out how to prevent this but I have not. This morning that hurt. I can remember the premise of what I was saying/writing however the writing and multiple editing just disappeared. Very frustrating - and I don't believe in frustration.

Now I have to write it in a notepad, copy and paste it into a Google+ window and if I lose it I can go back to the notepad and bring it back. Not quite spontaneous but I guess it will work in the future but not for that post.

Read the article, it is quite interesting. I have been following education and it's many ways of creating more human robots rather than supporting the highly creative individual. You can watch Sir Ken Robinson on TED or YouTube to get the idea.

A little history; I have been getting the New York Times email every morning since 1997(?) when I first signed up to get their newsletter. I would subscribe to the NY Times however I still believe their monthly firewall fee is too big for someone who only has a few interests. Today I can get all the Word/U.S. headlines from almost anywhere to know 'what's happening'. I have very little interest in Wall Street so business headlines are a curiosity, but tech news is where it is at for me. I read digital magazines like Wired and Inc. with my Kindle app.  I do like the "Bit's  Blog" at the NY Times and the writers/journalists that appear there. I follow Nick Bilton and have read his book, "I Live In The Future & Heres How It Works". All good stuff. Who knows, one of these days I just might subscribe and get all the other good news also.  Hmm... I will have to look into that I just wish they had one subscription plan that would allow me to get it on my iPad, my Nexus 7, my laptop, and my Android phone and not have to pay for each - that is obscene.

No Trial Offers please - I gave up on that with Record Clubs. 

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