Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zemanta and blogging resources

One (OK me) is always looking for other sources when investigating something. I want more information. I often use Wikipedia (which I contribute and you should) however I still would like to see what other writers are saying and their links. We call it research.

One of the tools of the past was Zemanta however I had difficulties with changing blogging tools and then upgrades. I also used, and still do occasionally, Windows Live Writer however currently I am writing everything in Blogger. I just installed (or re-activated) the Zemanta connection and Chrome extension.

Zemanta remembered me.

I always found Zemanta to be most helpful in being able to provide additional links to something I was writing. At the same time I found myself reading those links and in retrospect having more information for myself.

So today we have re-connected.  As I go ahead we shall see if Zemanta is as good as it was for me in times past. 

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