Monday, January 27, 2014

Windows 8.1 and the HP Tablet for Monday.

I really am getting more and more into my HP Omni 10 tablet. I am getting a great deal of use out of the tablet under different circumstances and it is much more than an entertainment device, even though I do use it for that.

I use it at home, or on the road, when wanting to read either books on the Kindle app or using Flipboard to get news. Obviously I can surf for news. WIth my Office 2013 subscription I have Word and Excel as well as Outlook and PowerPoint. I can review data, update information, and create documents as needed.

As for entertainment; last night watching the Grammy's I used it to look up information regarding performers. Since I am not a big fan of attached keyboards this works great with my Microsoft Wedge keyboard when needed.

I am on the road with it this morning and it is so much easier to carry around on a daily basis. As I have said earlier I cannot use Dreamweaver on it but would not want to anyway. I won't put iTunes on it however I have loaded my Samsung Link connection and can get Sirius as well as Google Play. Music everywhere when I want it. I will be getting the cable to connect to a projector or a larger monitor

I guess I should say that I have been a big proponent of Windows 8 from it's release and then 8.1,however until I got my hands on this tablet I did not use (or even see) the need for the app's that much. On my desktop or laptop computers I used the desktop side of Windows 8.1 and the app side for setting up my software (app's) for easy access. Much better than any prior version of Windows. Quick and easy.

Since I have switched over to the use of the tablet on a day-to-day basis I am finding the Windows app's to be much more important and valuable. Multi-tasking is easy and slipping back and forth from desktop to app is great. Frustrating is the fact that app's that run on the tablet are not available to run on the desktop or laptop.

If there is a complaint I find the inability to adjust app sizing to fit my needs a bit tedious. On the phone one can fill the screen with an app, on a computer, or tablet, that is sometimes overkill. Google's Chrome with the Metro likeness is rather interesting. You can resize the various screens to what you want. So I pull a tab off of the browser and resize it. The Windows app's should be able to do the same thing.

The idea that HP is dropping Windows 8 for Windows 7 is actually kind of far fetched, although it made for good headlines. As stated in an article linked to below, HP is making more choices available for the buyer. Personally I have one computer running Windows 7 and two running Windows 8.1 and I like the cleanness, and quickness, of Windows 8.1. It is superior to Windows  7.

I also enjoy the touch screen on my tablet and will get that on my next laptop. It has become so natural to reach up and just drag something across the screen. I might add there will be no next desktop.

Now if Time Warner Cable would just get a Windows app out there this would be just fine. I can watch TWC on my phone and the iPad (as well as the Nexus 7) but cannot on the Window's device. If there is an issue it is that not all app's I like are available in Windows 8.1 and some that are function differently - and I think that could be fixed.
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