Monday, January 6, 2014

New HP OMNI 10 tablet from Microsoft Store

Yesterday my wife and I were at the Microsoft store and she discovered the Nokia Lumia 2520 in Red and I found the HP OMNI 10. We spent the rest of the day / evening trying to figure out what we can do with them.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is an RT device however it came with Office Home and Student as well as Microsoft Outlook and again the color was Red.

The HP OMNI 10 is not RT (and not Red) and that is what I wanted however I do wish it was the color Red. I came so close to buying the Nokia Lumia because of the color (one good reason to buy a computer) however I need to be able to add other things (apps) outside of the Window's Store. This became quickly evident when I tried to add an App from the Amazon web site to her tablet and it would not allow it. She had to get it through the Windows Store.

I have to admit that I added it to my desktop on the HP and then decided it was the same we could get through the store. OH well.

On the other hand I like Google Chrome browser and I added that from the desktop and that was a good thing - for me. My wife does not like Chrome which is OK, IE is not bad I just happen to like the extensions that IE frowns on.

I had some issues and had to re-install drivers for the Camera / Web Cam and kept getting the Blue Screen saying "We have encounter a problem" or something like that. There would be a data dump and then a restart.

What I found fascinating is that in going to the HP web site for help I got the following information.

I could not get specs, Support, or anything else. There were links on the tablet that eventually led me to some help but not a great deal. I actually received more help from both Bing and Google searches.

I would recommend that you check for updates immediately. I believe this helped me fix my issues. When going to Windows Update in the Control Panel I was told that "Your computer is set to update automatically and currently your computer is up to date" (or something close to that). I clicked on "Check for updates" and found 19 Important Updates which I installed. My Blue Screen crashes stopped - at least for the time being.

Two error messages that cause this device to crash at least 4 times in less than 24 hours were: SDBUS_INTERNAL_ERROR and DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION.

I am suspicious of both Chrome and the Microsoft Wedge Keyboard that I installed. Most all crashes came when I was attempting to use both at the same time. I did open a Word document and type for quite awhile without issue. Once the updates were installed everything seems to be working fine.

I will write more as we go along. 

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