Monday, January 20, 2014

A few minutes of my morning with tech.

I got a late start and did not leave the house until well after my 7:00 AM time. It all began when I started  playing with the iPad. We are planning on making this device a 'kitchen' computer. We have set up a Skydrive folder with recipes that we can both add to and then access while in the kitche. I was wondering what else we could do with the iPad while in the kitchen. 

The scenario was getting that first cup of coffee and looking at the weather and news.

First I brought up the local news app for WCPO (Cincinnati) and checked the local news and traffic, as well as national news. Following that I went to The Weather Channel app to see the forecast for the week (not sure that was a good idea - cold). 

Next I began watching TV on the Time Warner Cable (TWC) app, which became really fascinating. From that I checked in on Google Maps and looked at traffic patterns in the area, just because I could. 

I felt like I was a figure in one of those 'future' scenes we would see years ago, where people would say "not in my lifetime". 

I could watch FOX news, CCN Headline news. Al Jazeera Network, the BBC and many other channels on the TWC app. Since we are subscribers to TWC this is available via our in-home wireless network. 

Even though I have been a part of this technology for years and have done these things before I am still excited about what is possible. With the advent of the Internet of Things coming, household controls, sensors and such, I am still the kid in the candy store only these apps are my candy. 

I find all these tools can let us work from anywhere, anytime, and be as creative as we could possibly want. These are tools for business as well as for playtime. My wife and I both have tablets and can access the same online folders, trade documents and pictures. put up recipes, catch up on Facebook, and read email. She pays all the bills and I watch documentaries. 

Why do we need many different devices when one should be able to do 90% of what we want? From writing a report (or blog post) to watching TV, catching a seminar in another part of the world, or a TED talk. What about all the great "How To" video's on YouTube? I can watch them most anywhere.

Well most anywhere. That will occur when wireless Internet is ubiquitous. That's another story.,

I left the house and on the way out to the main road I stopped the car and took this picture of the sunrise with my phone. Although the picture content might be better positioned the the end result is quite clear and reflects what I wanted to capture. The phone is always with me and therefore so is my camera. 

At the moment I am sitting in a Starbucks using the wireless on my phone to connect to the Internet. To pay for my coffee and sandwich this morning I used my Starbucks app. 

OK enough for life in the tech lane, now to go clean up the basement. 

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