Sunday, January 12, 2014

Great Experience at the Microsoft Store

I have a friend who goes on and on about the Apple Experience. Well I had one of those great experience's this week however at a Microsoft store.

The last two posts here have been about my wife and I purchasing new tablets last weekend at the Microsoft store. Mine was the HP Omni 10 and hers the Nokia Lumia 2520 RT, which she loves now that she can get her magazines on it via the Nook app.

During this week I had some issues with the rear facing camera not working all the time on the HP Omni 10. I went into the store on Wednesday to see if there was something they could do. A really friendly tech (Josh) went through a few steps, re-installed drivers, and took a real interest in the issue. Along the way we had a nice conversation regarding Microsoft Office and various product. I am impressed.

The outcome was that the camera was working however Josh says if I had any further issues bring it back and they would give me a new one. Not bad.

On Thursday the camera crashed again and so yesterday, Saturday, I am back in the Microsoft Store. Josh was not there so I get to meet David. I tell him what happened and no questions asked he gets another one from the back and we set down to completely wipe out the first one and set up the second one.

I am impressed with how fast the set up went however once up and running (app's installed and Office 365) we take to testing and guess what? The rear facing camera does not work. What is interesting to me is that the video camera (same lens) worked on both devices and the front facing camera works. You just can't take pictures with the rear facing camera.

David takes the device and begins to go through a series of checks, downloads updates, and then Intel software re: the chip set. I have a lot of knowledge but at this point I am an innocent bystander.

After we test it I leave with everything working however, David says, if it stops bring it back.

At this point I know my issue is not with Microsoft, and being a BIG HP fan I am willing to work with this. The balance of the device is great so I will see how it goes.

My big thing was the service and the way I was treated. Everybody that I came into contact with was great. They all took great interest in the problem and did their best to resolve it. As of this morning, Sunday, everything is working well.
Microsoft Work Station

I have pictured my Microsoft Work Station at MacDonald's. This includes the HP Omni 10, the Microsoft Wedge Keyboard, the Microsoft Sculptured Mouse, and my stylus from The Friendly Swede (Amazon). I changed the mouse from my last post as I gave that one to my wife to use on her RT device.

While at the store yesterday I added a 64 GB SD card for additional storage. Now to see just how much I can over work this device. I tend to push tools to the furthest edge.


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