Monday, March 30, 2020

Shopping During the Pandemic or Virus Outbreak

My wife and I, as many other, had to go grocery shopping during this time of “Stay at Home” and “Social Distancing”.  We make a list and then start out. As usual what we want, at this time, may not be carried by the first store we go to, Saturday was no exception.

I have read a great deal about what is being done to protect employees as well as consumers. It wasn’t quite as I expected – for a state which has been trying to stay  ahead of the problem.

I don’t thing people are listening or taking it as seriously as I would have expected.

It is a bit warm in this mask.
First, we had been out on Thursday night and were quite impressed with product being back on the shelf at our favorite Kroger. As we have been doing, we are wearing masks to filter the incoming as well as the outgoing air we breathe.

I was quite surprised at the number of people not wearing masks, including employees. I know it is a problem getting masks but I thought Kroger would be doing the best the could to; 1) protect their employees, 2) their customers, and 3) to set a good example as a concerned citizen. Alas not the case.

On Saturday we had to go back out again for a few things we were not able to acquire on Thursday night. This time we went to Meijer’s, which is very close to us.

At Meijer’s there were many people wearing masks, but again no employees. I had to ask for help and while getting it from the employee – who was quite pleasant – many passed by. Social Distancing may have only been practiced by those wearing masks. People bunched together in the aisles, bumping into each other, a normal day at the grocery store.

After leaving Meijer’s we still had something to find and so to a different Kroger this time and we were able to find what we wanted. I noticed when we went in there was quite a crowd at this Kroger, a lot of people, however, we were the only ones wearing masks.

I understand that Kroger is in the process of putting up shields for the cashiers but what about the other workers in the aisles? Nothing, no masks, no gloves, and they are handling our food products. Hmm…should we be scrubbing the cans and frozen packages when we get home?

And again, people bunched up in lines, it was like they had never heard of “Social Distancing”.

Now, in Ohio, we are not doing great, but our State Government is trying – but not sure everyone is listening. 

On our way out of Kroger we did see 4 people with masks – 3 outside the store headed in.

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