Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A thought about the current conditions affecting our society.

This is the first time, in my memory, that American's are being forced to hunker down because of something that is happening to us directly. The COVID-19 (WEBMD), or Coronavirus (CDC) as we call it, could be presenting people all over the world with a new Lifestyle.

We are entering a period of great isolation with restaurants, bars, and stores, closing. Libraries, and schools, have locked their doors. Places of congregation; shopping malls, gyms, churches, synagogues, temples. Even places where one votes, now not open to us.  

Limited to groups of 10 and stay 10 feet apart. Difficult to comprehend and difficult to enforce, but coming at us.

In this struggle we are not going ‘over there’ as the song says, it is coming here. This time we need to help ourselves and each other. The whole world is facing this adversary. We cannot shoot it or burn it, and it isn’t visible – not hiding around a corner, behind a bush.

One very big outcome of this battle, and our “Shelter-In-Place” demands, we are not enjoying the relationship with others in the workplace or anywhere socially. Schooling is now going online; people are working from home; people are buying online. People are getting their news online – minute by minute.

All in the name of self-preservation. For how long?

Yes, we have the tools to communicate via phone, text, computer, video, without touching, smelling, or feeling the presence of one another. How long will it take to get used to this? And what will it feel like when we can meet again outside? Joyous, I imagine, but awkward?

What could be the long-range result of this new Lifestyle?

Will this Life we are now engaging in bring more immediate advancements to our Stay-At-Home technologies?

·       Will people get used to watching more TV and not go to the movies?
·       Will; people get used to eating at home and think this may be a better life?
·       Will people get used to shopping online?
·       Will people understand and become better at learning online?

Churches are going online, concerts going online, meetings and conferences all going online.

Will those jobs that are going away because of AI be replaced by delivery van drivers – in the short term? There could be openings for those who fill the orders for grocery stores - with groceries to be delivered. OR will all this be handled robotically?

The government is now considering sending out checks to its citizens – is this the beginning of UBI – the Universal Basic Income?

Oh, so many questions.

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