Monday, March 2, 2020

Adding to My Post on Amazon: Rheem Econet Service Reached The Same Great Customer Service Level

In the change of wireless passwords I had forgotten about our Rheem Electric Water Heater. It is connected via Rheem Ecnonet to my Android device. Not able to re-connect I called Econet and Allan had me up and connected quickly and pleasantly. I'm impressed.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all User Experiences were the same.

I suspect, as we use these wireless devices connected to our phones tech learning can be a major thing. Our phones get upgrades to operating systems and things change. The equipment you are connected to does not always get to upgrade their instructions., however, the tech's that handle Customer Service are informed and this, my friend, is good thing.

IT is a forever changing. Training and desire to stay ahead should be a major part of any organization that utilizes these technologies.

Thank you Amazon and Rheem Econet.  

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