Monday, March 2, 2020

Amazon and Customer Service - Another UX Experience

Last Friday I decided we needed to change our Wireless SSID and Password - not a simple task. We have many Echo devices, a number of Echo connected plugs and a variety of lights. We have Smart TV's all with Amazon Fire TV 4K devices, 2 phones, and computers. Some things are very old by today's technology - we were an Alexa Beta purchaser. OH yes, there are wireless printers in the house.

It took 2 days to get most everything back up and running without help. I had issues with an Amazon Dash Wand and the original Echo TAP. At first I wrote Amazon and received a quick response for me to call at my leisure. I took Sunday off so this morning I called.

I made one call for the TAP and then a second call for the Amazon Dash Wand. Both calls were fantastic. Wait time was at a minimum, perhaps I called early in the day.

Now no one knows I have spent over 70 years playing with technology and 30 years with the latest "stuff" (learned that from Carl Sagan"). I do not "Grok" (Robert A. Heinlein) everything. I am still an "Egg", however, I am learning.

I was treated very courteously, pleasantly, and I really believe they were both smiling. First call was answered by a male, second call by a female. Both were great calls. Beyond all the niceties, they were knowledgeable and did not make you feel like you were a problem for them.

On and off the phone in under 15 minutes and feeling like I had to write something about this experience.

Now if only other tech giants would give out phone numbers. 

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