Sunday, May 24, 2015

Microsoft eBook Must Read for Business and IT

unpluggedThis little eBook, UNPLUGGED: How mobility changes the way we work, should actually be read by everyone. It’s focus on now and the future brings a light to the change in thinking at Microsoft. The ad lead in; Mobile strategies built with low-cost devices from $99, just might give you an idea.

I got into the story from the leading quotation by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft; “Our industry does not respect tradition-it only respects innovation.” And in the first paragraph it mentions the iPad and Galaxy tablets as part of that innovation.

I know that when someone else supports a claim that I have been making for years I get all heady. In the beginning of this book there is a paragraph that has become a mantra for me:

“The shift of power is moving from the employer to the consumer. Before smartphones, computing devices were created for the workplace, which gave business, government, and enterprise workers access to the latest technology first. But with smartphones and tablets, the consumer comes first, prompting a faster evolution of devices and leaving employers chronically behind.”

I also add that the consumer is also and employee, and neglecting the ability of the consumer/employee to know and want these devices is a grave mistake. When the consumer/employee has better devices than the corporation a very big disconnect comes into play.

There is more to the story but that was enough to entice me to write.

Get the book – it’s FREE! Yes it just might be an ad for Microsoft however in between the lines you just might learn something from the ad. Reading is good.

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