Friday, May 15, 2015

Microsoft Word 2016 Blog Template

Yesterday I posted one of my longest pieces at Blogger and I used the a blog template in MS Word 2016. For years some of us have tried to use the Word template however when it came time to post it just would not connect with Blogger. Eventually we would cut and paste into a Blogger template and post.
Yesterday it worked. I was amazed until I reviewed the post and then it became apparent that the Word template formatting was not quite right, at least for Blogger and for me.
In addition to all the things I posted yesterday with regard to my use of the phone this blog post is being written on my phone.
I brag a great deal about using the Swype keyboard however I am using the Google keyboard on this phone with the same characteristics but the added emoji. 👍
Interestingly I can add links as I have done above, and I have text features like Bold and Italic, however to add a picture I most likely would save this as a draft, go to Blogger, and add the picture there.
Time to post and see the results.

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