Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mobile Is a Magic Word? Hmmm.......

In this morning's NY Times the following: For Verizon and AOL, Mobile Is a Magic Word - worth reading on the Verizon-AOL buyout.

If there is one thing I found fascinating it is the following quote.

".....the smartphone industry is now shipping nearly three times as many devices as the personal computer industry did at its peak." - Benedict Evans, Andreessen Horowitz
And they are being put to great use everywhere.

The first Samsung Galaxy Note phone that I saw made such an impression that I could not wait to get one. I now take notes, watch video's, check Excel spreadsheets, on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Most of the time, while out and about, I am in-touch and aware of what is going on in the world with nothing but my phone.

I know what these phone must mean to people in 3rd World Countries without the notebook/laptops, desktops, and other overweight connected devices. They are aware of what is going on in the world. They are learning quicker than ever before - and they will catch up quicker.

Learning and Knowing are powerful tools and we now have, at our fingertips, more knowledge than ever before and it can be instantly accessed. Instantly! From almost anywhere!

This must be important to Verizon and to AOL. This is a WORLD business as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft know. Why not plan to be in all that potential growth area. Look out world, Verizon has another sunrise on the horizon.

Is this becoming the "Mobile" World? No, it already is! And it's only magic to those who don't understand.

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