Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blogging with Windows Live Writer on Windows 10

SO – in my working inside the Windows Insider program my definition of me would be; “I am a USER”! I go from the point of view of wanting to see how much I can add to Window’s 10 from the app’s and software that I, and others, would use on a regular basis.

And then I add some things that are out of the box – in a sense.

Tonight I added Windows Essentials and from that download I selected Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Windows Live Writer. I am so happy that Windows Live Writer has survived the fall out – for lack of a better term. I am hoping that Microsoft will continue to support and help upgrade this app.

Microsoft is to, or was to, have opened sourced Windows Live Writer so that it could continue to find life and I am one that would like to stay with it.

As for Windows 10, I am loving the journey. The most recent build, 10166, is, in my mind, getting very close to ready. I am sure there are other ‘tweak’s’ that can be added however I am very happy with what I see. I have installed Office 2016 Preview and it is very powerful as well. I am ready for the roll-out and full engagement.

A side note here might be that Window’s 10 is FAST!

From my personal perspective, as an Instructor of Microsoft Office products and Window’s OS, this should be an easy sell.

I said earlier I am a user. Putting that into a bigger perspective, I should say this is not just my job it’s my hobby. SmileI like it and I have fun with it.

I use my computer(s) for so many things; note taking, writing, research, surfing (almost the same as research) music, movies and video’s, web site development and upkeep, graphic design, photography, news, reading books (Kindle app), oh and email and Facebook.

I have a number of app’s that I use from time to time and I am somewhat platform agnostic. I use Android for phone, I have an iPad, an Amazon Fire (and Amazon Echo). I want my app’s to work on all platforms such as Evernote, Flipboard, Dropbox, and many others (like iHeart Radio).

Can I leave home without a computer? Of course.

I have my phone. Thumbs up 

And I want to keep touching the future.

Note: this was written on an HP laptop running Window’s 10 and using Windows Live Writer to write. 

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