Monday, January 28, 2013

Your WiFi Connection Will Control Cloud Computing

And you better get used to it. If there is one thing that can deter Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and whoever else, from having a great Cloud computing experience it will be the Telecommunications Industry.

This more so than hardware and software. This includes both cost, availability, and speed. 

I would like to see Office 365 work, I would like Dropbox to be my next best friend, however the scoundrel in the middle, who could be mucking it up, is your not so friendly Internet connection company. If that connection is wireless it would have to be the purveyor of the signal. Hmm... AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc., they control your business and your life today.

Control is a keyword here. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, as well as Sales Force and others who rely on their customer being connected best pay attention. The Telecom's want a piece of your pie.

Fact: In this day and age, your internet connection (and that of your employee or customer) may be more important than the fuel cost. And that importance is growing.

If Microsoft wants us to use Office 365 they best weigh in on our ability to connect.

Just sayin'..........

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