Monday, January 7, 2013

More Windows 8–Downloading is Not A Good Idea

OK very happy with Windows 8 on desktop so decided to purchase and download Windows 8 for my notebook.

Not the best idea I have had today.

I went through the process at the Microsoft web site and first I downloaded and ran the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. I am running Windows 7 Pro so I thought this was a good idea.

I received the report and of the number of items not compatible I was most concerned about the printer, an HP C4780 Photosmart multi function printer. The report showed a link for an upgrade available so I clicked on the link. Perhaps I should have waited until I had installed Windows 8 because at that point I could not print the report or the receipt. I am resourceful, I made a PDF of the report and emailed the receipt. There were other items however I felt we could overcome them and I made notes.

Next up the pay screen(s) and that was fairly normal so on to the download.

Now the fun(?) begins. I started the download at 10:50 AM (approx.) and right away I discover that the savings was not going be as significant as I had thought. By 11:30 AM only 10% of the file had downloaded, by 12:50 PM, 3 hours later, we were up to 30% downloaded. Cost of Windows 8 download (at the current sale at Microsoft) was $39.99 (lasts until Jan 31, 2013) or $69.99 at the Microsoft store if you want the disk.

I purchased Windows 8 locally for the desktop ($58 plus tx) and we were done in an hour. It looks like it is going to take almost 10 hrs. at the current speed of download to get the file and then install the upgrade. Hmm…

Question: What, if during the balance of the life of this notebook, I have to re-install Windows 8? I am not sure the $30 savings is going to be worth it. Actually I can purchase the disc locally for about $10 less.

OH, I am on a high speed Time Warner Cable internet connection which does very well. I do not think you could do much better in Redmond WA unless you were located on the Microsoft Campus.

Recommendation: BTD – Buy The Disc.

Just sayin…..

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