Sunday, January 6, 2013

Windows 8 and Missing Gadgets

One of the things I liked about Windows Vista was the sidebar. One of the things I did not like was the manner in which the sidebar was implemented, very little freedom. Windows 7 fixed that and when I installed Windows 8 I missed the gadgets.

Win7CalI really like the clock, the calendar, and the weather buds.

Yesterday I found 8GadgetPack, a FREE download that will give you back the gadgets. I downloaded and installed the Clock, the same blue neon clock that I had on Windows 7. I also added the calendar and two weather buds.

Be careful in  that there are two different calendar gadgets as well as two weather gadgets. At first I installed the wrong one (wrong one for me). Easily corrected.

I am really liking Windows 8 more and more. It is faster and I am getting used to the Start screen and have adjusted items so that I can get to what I want easier as well as removed items from the Start screen. All things still show up in All Apps so you don’t lose. Actually I think it is easier than using the Start Menu we have had for so long. I guess I don’t miss the Start menu. So a convert I am.

I think that people who pan Windows 8 really do not use a Windows computer. Perhaps they are not ready to advance with the future. Things change and some are unwilling to adapt and that includes older tech people. At one time they were on the cutting edge and they have suddenly gotten dull.

If there is anything it is that I miss it is the smaller sizes of Solitaire that we could run in the background. I think running those games, Solitaire (Spider and Free Cell) in the full screen is not necessary and this is Microsoft’s attempt at getting rid of those games. Playing those games is suddenly obnoxious. I do not see myself going with XBox, not a valuable tool for me. So I do pan the game feature. Hey the world is not perfect.

As Jim Rohn said; “Don’t get frustrated, get fascinated!” It’s all good.

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