Saturday, January 26, 2013

Evernote and Issues

I started this blog to deal with technology and life as technology is applied. Back in 2003 (way back in the day) I discovered Microsoft’s OneNote. Fantastic product and as usual I promoted and convinced a number of people to jump on board. What a great product. Even taught classes for OneNote and turned on the lights.

I connected OneNote to Microsoft’s online Drive and began to sync across a couple of computers. I learned all this from listening to Windows Weekly and Paul Thurrott with Leo Laporte. Great show.

After sometime I discovered that the syncing was not always correct and if I missed something I would have multiple OneNote pages.. Now when I say I used OneNote, if could be said I abused OneNote. It was open all the time and I recorded everything. I was becoming digital. I am a prolific note taker. Sometimes I take so many notes I have trouble getting back to them – but I have them.

Evernote Logo AAs usual I read and listen and I learned about a new product, Evernote, while it was in Beta. I believe that it started as one product and grew into something different, my memory escapes me. Although Evernote list’s their beginning in 2008 I think I may have been playing with it earlier. I thought “OK this could be good”.

About the time I got into smartphones, Motorola Droid November 2009, I started getting fascinated with Evernote’s capabilities.  I was having serious issues with syncing between computers on OneNote and now I could use Evernote on my smartphone – WOW! I could also access my Evernote notes on the web.

So I convert to Evernote, become a premium user, and OneNote drop’s out of the picture.

Today I run Evernote on all computers, my smartphone, my iPad and my Nexus 7 tablet. Great product.

There is, however, one problem. Editing Evernote on the computer is great. Updating notes, adding pictures, moving things around. I am now a 98% digital user. On the tablet’s and the phone not so easy. I can add notes without issue however I cannot edit notes already there without problems. I realize the different platforms create problems however it is almost like Evernote thinks you only use it on your smartphone, or your computer, or your tablet. Evernote should be able to be edited on all devices easily.

One very big example is using bullets. Evernote on the smartphone or tablet does not make it easy to edit bullets. I have also gotten use to formatting on my computer – can’t do that on the other devices.

I believe, now that I am the user (a little ego here) Evernote should work on all platforms in the same fashion. I like easy. I believe this should be true for all apps from device to device.

For example: Where is Microsoft Word? Where is Microsoft Excel? Will they lose out also? You know Pages on the iPad is not bad but it’s not on the Nexus 7 or on my Windows computer. It is useless to say “Why don’t you switch to all Apple?” It  won’t happen. It won’t happen for me and for many, many, others.

Maybe there will be something new Like Evernote was to replace Word or Excel?

Just sayin’……..

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