Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Open Live Writer - Blogging is Back

Well at least for me.

I have been a user of Windows Live Writer since I was introducted to it by Paul Turrott on some way-back Windows Weekly show on the TWiT Network. At that time it was in Beta and I jumped on it and WOW.

blog-promotion1I have a blog, “Ease of Blogging” (although haven’t written there for awhile) where in July of 2010 I posted on the plug-ins that were available for Windows Live Writer.

I can’te really tell you how long I have been using Windows Live Writer however Microsoft, not wanting to get rid of it and yet not wanting to surport it, gave it up to Open Source.

In December of 2015 Blogger (Google) stop allowing one to post from Windows Live Writer – the “Security” fear.

Yesterday I found the Open Source version of Windows Live Writer andopenlivewriter-purpleheader it is Open Live Writer! It can be found at This is my first post using the NEW Open Live Writer. I am really looking forward to having this capability again. Easy and yet great controls over pictures and their placement, allowing you to resize and do some editing to the picture while in Open Live Writer.

At present my only concern is that I am not able to use multiple blog connections. Better put; I have not been able to discover how to add multiple blog connections. I am sure that it will happen.

Well I really want to hit the post button and see how it goes.

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