Thursday, January 28, 2016

More on Open Live Writer

Yesterday when I wrote I said I was having a problem adding more than one blog. Well If I had looked in the right place I would have found it.

On the Home tab in the Publish group, where the name of your blog appears, if you click the down arrow at the end of the name you have options – one of which is “Add blog account”.

There is another way off the Insert tab in the Plug-ins group. If you click on Plug-in options, the navigaion panel on the left side will have an option “Accounts”. If you click on that you will have an option on the right side to add an account.

I have used both methods and they work well. Actually it was easier to add an account in Open Live Writer than it was in Windows Live Writer.

At present there are no Plug-ins available. It is an area the team is working on. It would be nice to have a “Twitter” plug-in to send a Tweet when you post. Also needed is one for Google+ – although I now read that Google+ is going away. The one fear of Google is that they will get tired of pushing something and it will go away.

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