Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Change is inevitable, we just adjust and move on.

I wanted to do some reading this morning and I do all my reading digitally. This morning being no different I left the house with my iPad.

Now I have to say that I have a Nexus 7 (First Edition) and  since I have expanded my horizons the Nexus 7 just sits on the desk. During one of the upgrades (5.0?) it got so slow that it was painful to use. I do have an HP 13" laptop/convertible - I can remove the screen - however it is 13" and that is too big to be a useful tablet in my mind.

The iPad is ok. I would rather have a Windows device as that is what I am used to but the Surface Pro 4 is a bit out of reach for me (and still does not have a Swype like keyboard). So the iPad still wins.

What happened this morning was interesting.

I got to McDonald's, got my coffee, and sat down and started to look at Facebook on the phone. Now the first thing I normally do at McDonald's is to bring out the phone, turn on the mobile hotspot, and connect my iPad. This morning I noticed that I had some Facebook connections on my phone and started to look at those first.

From Facebook I opened the Kindle app on my phone, found a book, and began to read. Why? Don't know, just did it.

For the next hour, hour and a half, I read parts of two books, checked email, and actually made notes in Microsoft Word - all on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

What is interesting about this is that I have said many times in the past that I would not use my phone in this way, never. Of course I also said that I would not use my phone to play music and now I have the Google Music app and use the phone where the iPod just lies there.

I really wanted an iTunes app for my Android phone but it just isn't available (Apple Music is not the same).

There are some things I don't like doing on my phone and one is heavy research using multiple objects on the screen at the same time. I need folders, to put things and the phone is a bit small however I don't need a desktop and wonder about a laptop. I find that something like the Surface Pro 4 is about the right size for most things that I do, not all, but most.

Time changes so much as we adjust to this technology.

Addition: When I got home I was cleaning up somethings in a closet and found my Microsoft Wedge keyboard that I had purchased for use with the Nexus 7. With the advent of the Swype like keyboards it kind of drifted away. I put new batteries in it and put the phone in my little stand and connected the keyboard and now I can look really funny at McDonald's - or wherever else I go.

I keep reading where the phone is the connected device and I guess I am one that can prove that point. 

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