Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Windows Live Writer 2012

I have installed Windows Live Writer 2012 on this HP Omni 10 to see how well it functions. I have had to use the online Blogger app to write blog posts however there are a few things it does not do well and Windows Live Writer does.

If you want to install Windows Live Writer 2012 search for Windows Essentials. If you search for Windows Live Writer Microsoft will download an earlier version from 2009 – be careful.

One thing that Windows Live Writer does well is in handling graphics. You get many different options on the Format tab. Windows Live Writer also remembers links that you add so that your are not always looking for the same links.

I do wish it would work well with Zemanta as that is a really nice tool for blogging. I believe that part of my pontificating at Curious Voyager should, on occasion, be followed with what others might be saying about the same subject, Zemanata does that quite well.

OK now to publish and compete the setup.

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