Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thoughts on Microsoft Office on the iPad

In the last week or so there have been a number of posts regarding Microsoft Office needs to be on the iPad and I would agree 

I have an iPad however I recently purchased a HP Omni 10 tablet, with Microsoft Office 365. Now I think having it on the iPad would be of great interest for those who have iPad’s. I know not having Office on the iPad was something that missing for me.

Office 365 logo 001To have the power of Microsoft Word and Excel on the iPad could do a great deal to make the  iPad a more acceptableipad office productivity device. With all the BYOD being talked about I am sure this would encourage people to bring that iPad to work and to put it to the test.

The following writings have other thoughts.

In Computerworld last Friday (2/14/2014) was this: Failing Microsoft must bring Office to iPad. Really? Failing Microsoft? The name of the blog in which this appeared is “AppleHolic”. I actually thought the author was trying to be funny, satire, until I read the complete post.

I had quite a laugh at the author’s “Apple driven post PC”. He also said that Microsoft could save itself if it would put Microsoft Office on the iPad. I think his opinion is that Apple will soon rule the enterprise and it could lend Microsoft a hand. I wonder what Android thinks of this?

Again I agree it would be nice on the iPad however to say that it is needed to keep Microsoft from failing is a big bizarre. Just sayin’…..


There was another post at Computerworld on the same day (different author); “Microsoft backs off on Office for iPad. Is this the revenge of the company's old guard?”. This writing led me to thinking regarding an apparent assumption that most (or a large percentage) who have an iPad will install Microsoft Office – not sure that will pan out.

There were numbers thrown about by investors who know a great deal about technology and the markets (?). These are the same people that want Microsoft to sell off X-Box, and to stop making the Widows Phone as well as the Surface Pro.

As I see it a great number of iPad’s sold were as entertainment devices and only high powered users will want or need Microsoft Office. Actually Microsoft Office 365 is available in the Lite version now and I wonder how many have taken advantage of this.

I think from Microsoft’s position, Microsoft Office on the iPad will not have the same feel and presence it has on a Windows OS device. Prior versions of Office, created for Apple, were much different and that could have negative consequences for Microsoft.

Microsoft has said that the future holds (for Microsoft) that app’s on all Windows OS platforms will function the same. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were true across ALL devices, Apple, Google, and Microsoft?

I do think that if Microsoft Office becomes available for the iPad that it will also be available on Android. I am not sure that is what Apple wants but a big chunk of the world would. 

For now I will stay with my HP Omni 10.

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