Friday, February 7, 2014

What must the new CEO at Microsoft do?

It would appear that everyone has a thought about what Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella, must do and I don't want to be left out.

ms logoI hear and read so many people claiming that he must shore up, or cater to, the Enterprise segment of their business. One writer even went so far as to suggest that they sell off the Xbox segment of your business.

My thoughts begin with the following: Look at the mindset of those that are giving you, Microsoft, a problem. Try to see where, and how, the competition is getting into your pocket? What is behind their thinking? What can we do to once again excel (pun not intended)?

What we hear is that Apple and Google are interested in the consumer, the end user experience. They innovate and build for the user, the consumer. When it comes to Microsoft their focus is the Enterprise.

My personal opinion (and that is what, in the end, any one has to offer when it comes to projecting) is that focusing on the CONSUMER will return greater value and continued growth.

Initially (or in the beginning) the enterprise was needed to put the computer in front of everyone. Today no one needs the enterprise to tell them the necessity of this technology. Today people are gravitating to that technology that pleases them and becoming more efficient and productive while enjoying the technology.

Today the ENTERPRISE is made up of CONSUMER'S. This is not rocket science. Some special users even buy servers. In the long run everyone is a consumer and end user at work, at home, and at play.

I believe this is really important. Focusing on the consumer and the user experience is what has brought about one Fortune 500 company, that I am personally aware of, giving it's employee's the option of moving from their Blackberry to an iPhone. When I asked about an Android or Windows phone I was told "no", only iPhone.

Where do you think that decree came from? The IT department? Not to likely. Someone, a 'consumer', with a point of influence, pushed the issue.

Your consumer, or end user, is also the person that will be buying your operating system as well as your software. With the advent of BYOD and BYOS (Bring Your Own Software - which I promote because your Office 2013 is the best) you can make the future bright for Microsoft.

We use this technology for work, but now we work from everywhere. We use this technology for play, and we can play wherever we want. This technology has become part of the everyday life of many people. It is our communication tool. How many people on Facebook? How do they get there?

In my mind it's not what Microsoft wants that is important, it is what the consumer, the end user, wants. They make up the enterprise. They want to succeed, they want to grow.

“You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.” - Zig Ziglar

Mr. Natdella, CEO, you have a lot of leverage in the Enterprise, add to that the fact that you can innovate, design, and build products that the 'consumer' wants and you will be there forever - including your phone. I do believe that your focus should be, needs to be, the consumer. 

To quote from history; "Damn the torpedoes, go ahead". YOU can drive the change needed to return the glory. Not to worry about the 'elite', worry about the users, if what you bring to the table works they will buy it.


On a more personal side Mr. Natdella, speaking of end-user experience, I have an HP Omni 10 tablet that I purchased from your store and I love it. However it desperately need a 'touch - swype' like keyboard to be more proficient. One that works. Something that all Android phones and tablets have. Now the iPad does not have anything like it either at the moment. You could win over a lot of hearts with an app that would do this. It should be one approved my Microsoft and available through the app store. I am bringing out my Android phone to take notes, I sure would like to use this tablet.

Just sayin'.....

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