Wednesday, January 17, 2024

UX of Buying Online and Its Problems.

 We recently purchased a product from Costco online and it was a big UXUser Experience.

We were looking at a specific trash can for our kitchen. We found one at Costco, which we thought looked good and would function for our needs. We debated and finally made the decision and the Warehouse we go to did not have anymore. It must have been a good seller as they had a bunch the week before, so, we went online at Costco.

Online, at Costco, we discovered a $20 increase in price, so we did a little search and found the same price at Amazon, where we normally shop, but being the customer’s we are, we bought from Costco. Product arrived and just what we wanted.

We were back at the Costco Warehouse not long after and what to my wandering eyes should appear, the Step can is back in stock but at $20 less – priced same as before.

I was going to write Costco, however, like many online businesses it is difficult to write and explain the issue, Customer Service has options, but this kind of feedback is not one of them. In their Warehouses there is someone to talk to but not online. 

I could have asked for a Price Adjustment, however, all I wanted to say was “Love your store but I just won’t buy from you online anymore.” I felt lucky this lesson only cost $20, much less than the one I learned from the Plumbing and Heating organization we recently used.

We shop at the Big Box Store, Costco, because it’s fun to go out and walk, look at all the ‘stuff’ and it is interesting and informational. Not sure how many times we have gone there and bought something we did not plan on buying because we saw it, became intrigued, and eventually purchased it. 

Not so sure with their online business.

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