Friday, January 19, 2024

The Beginning of The Internet For Us - So Much Fun.

Not sure the exact date (1993?) but this is the disk that took me further down the road to the Internet. A conversation with a good friend in Cincinnatian, off to a store, and listened to a demo on Prodigy took the disc home.

This was ultimately followed by downloading Netscape at midnight - or sometime there after due to the crush. 

From there to building webpages for Netscape using the famous "Hot Dog Web Editor". What do you mean you have never heard of "Hot Dog"? "Hot Dog" was created by "Sausage Software" I think from Australia. 

I was led to "Hot Dog" by a disc in a book by "Que", "Creating Your Own Netscape Web Pages". Pages created all in code and so much fun. 

I wasn't the first, but we were right there. Many, many stories to tell 

I was laughed at for buying the computer in the early 80's and no one wil ever use the Internet, what a waste. :) I LOVE IT! How far we have come since these days. 

I remember the first night we downloaded a picture of a map from a library in France. Working with a 300 baud modem it took quite some time, but with each line we became more fascinated with the World Wide Web. 

And today I am still impressed with what we can do. 

I know, I need to take a better picture. 

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