Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Word Press, Hmmm....Had Thoughts About Using Word Press Until This Morning

Over the years of blogging I have thought about using Word Press and the learning curve was not in my sight. Recently I have had reason to look at Word Press again - that was until today.

In the New York Times this morning. An article "Fighting Conspiracies, Sandy Hook Parent Is Thwarted by Online Policies", held, at least for me, an important piece of information.

Apparently Word Press is run by a company called Automatic and a statement from the company, showing in the article said, " Posting conspiracy theories or untrue content is not banned from WordPress.com, and unfortunately this is one of those situations."

Interestingly Google,  Facebook, and Amazon have worked to help this parent by removing false information.

I won't be moving to Word Press or using their software now. 

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