Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WONDERFUL - Microsoft confirms soft keyboard buy | Computerworld

Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft will catch up on the keyboard side of things. This, for me and many users, is a great move. There is a forum at Microsoft that talks about this but we are not getting much feedback from Microsoft. It is also one of my major complaints with Windows 10. On a tablet with a touch screen who want to be pecking and pecking when it is so much faster and easier to use a SwiftKey or Swype like keyboard.

Actually I have been using a Qwerty keyboard for over 60 years and at one time reached a very good keyboard speed. Now with Swype I can fly. The one thing I emphasize when teaching is the keys are in the same place on every keyboard, so once you learn where the letter A is it will always be there. Swyping is EASY and fast.

Microsoft confirms soft keyboard buy | Computerworld:

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