Monday, February 15, 2016

Best Newsletter I Have Found - Inside Daily Brief

Over the years (20+) I have tried many different ways to get quick news via the Internet. I got over newspaper's in the late 90's and since then I have been searching for the best way to find news.

I have tried apps however some of them have cost me in the way the push data and then my data usage goes up. Some news sites have way too much information that has nothing to do with news. I like Flipboard and visit it most days however it is not a quick read and I save it for coffee breaks.

On the other hand Inside Daily Brief fits my requirement for news. First you get it in your inbox so I don't have to open anything else - I check my email first thing in the morning and there it is.

You get paragraphs, video's, and links to the news source. It is a quick, easy, read. Plenty of white-space and breaks between information. Not confusing.

This is my first choice. Sign up - it's free.

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