Thursday, May 22, 2014

Google Glass – My opinion

This morning in Computerworld there was an article; “Why I’m sending back Google Glass” and I just had to present another point of view.

20140308_161117I also sent back my Glass however only because of the guilt feeling for spending $1500 out of our household budget. Since I am only working part time and my wife is working full time, I felt maybe I should wait. She laughed because I was really down about sending them back.

As for the article I found most of the reasons mentioned here are, in my opinion, not quite right. I will take the 10 items listed and give my response. Granted there are some things one can do with Glass that I did not get into, music was one. You will see that below.

1) I had no problem with eye contact with people or anything else. If I am talking to someone I focus on that person, I don’t even have the glass turned on unless I am demonstrating. I have always been a believer in paying attention to someone that is speaking. If I find you doing something else I will stop talking – even when you might say “go ahead, I’m listening”. I expect attention and I give it. Glass will not get in the way.

2) I found glass to be very responsive to voice recognition once I learned the correct method of speaking. I found Evernote to be great taking notes using Glass. Truth is that Glass really got me into using voice more than my phone or tablet had in the past. I found it very comfortable.

3) Yes I had issues with the battery until I learned (it’s all about leaning) how to use glass and then the battery lasted most of the day. I can kill a phone battery in 3 hours with constant use. I did find the online instructions to be quite helpful however perhaps not forceful enough in some areas.

4) I did not find Glass bulky under any circumstance. Actually my laptop is quite bulky and in comparison Glass is not. Perhaps my approach to Glass was that I wanted Glass and wanted to get the most out of Glass therefore Glass was not going to be a problem.

5) Conspicuousness is more a burden of the person wearing Glass, you think of yourself as being conspicuous. I found the writing to sound like someone who was already prepared to dislike Glass and fears others wearing them. I did not have a problem with people. In most cases I found others to be inquisitive and curious. I did not wear them to show off and I did not wear them to places where “I” would not feel comfortable. I am not an in-your-face kind of person. I don’t answer my phone in many places for the same reason. I have respect for others.

1836759_10152735079142846_1372412023_o6) Tilted photos? Stand up straight – I learned to do that. This one take at a Park in West Chester, OH with Google Glass.

7) As for GPS; I only used Glass to find the location of a nearby restaurant or gas station. I have GPS in my car for long distance and that was plenty and I really would not consider using the Glass GPS while driving. I could, but no. As for Glass using your phone – it does that anyway, part of the territory. What’s your problem?

8) The earbud is a personal thing. I used it when having a phone conversation or a Hangout and found it to be quite good and fit in my ear without issue. I would not use an earbud to listen to music, in fact I don’t use earbud’s to listen to music on any device. I listen via the car system, a stereo, or a headset that covers the ears. I was quite surprised at the intensity of the bone induction sound and I even got used to that (my wife was surprised because of my weakened hearing).

9) Not sure where Explorer Envy fits in here. I found many places they were useful and I don’t ski, or jump out of airplanes (at least not yet). I do have an interesting life exploring (the Curious Voyager) and Glass fit right it.

10) I can’t respond much to the 10th point. I find there are people that20140307_180322_857 (1) cannot adjust to change easily even though they profess to be on the leading edge. I need to find things out and look positively where they fit and Glass has many areas in everyday life to be a benefit. Everything cannot be hands on, we need to take that quick picture, make that quick note, discover information when needed, and the ability to make or take a hands free call is fantastic. I added a picture of a gift basket here taken with Google Glass.

Everyone has a different view, a different opinion and this is mine. I loved Glass and will have them again when I don’t feel guilty about draining the family budget. We just had to put 3 windows in our Condo at almost twice what Glass was – not as much fun but that’s life.

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