Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PewResearch Predicting Life in 2025

Digital Life in 2025. This is an interesting report by PewResearch and one, if you have some time, you might want to read. The report was put together to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Happy to say that I have been there for most of it.

Reading through the various contributors is quite interesting. You can see where we have been, maybe (opinion) where we are, however where we are going with the Internet can be mind boggling – depending on who you read. The opinions vary greatly with one exception – we are going somewhere and life as we know it is changing. Perhaps more rapidly than we can see. At least one contributor won’t really predict.

An idea that appears to be common is that the Internet and our lives will be seamless. It will be everywhere, integrated into all aspects of our lives – and the lives of our devices.

The one thing constantly in my mind is that they are not talking 2050, they are talking 2025 -  eleven years out. Where will you be in eleven years? Where will your children be? My favorite thought; where were you eleven years ago and what were you doing? Where did the Internet fit in to your life eleven years ago? Where does the Internet fit into your life today? Where do you think the Internet will fit into your life eleven years from now?

Today, when someone stares at me with my Google Glass, what will they do when they see me (or someone) riding in a car that is driving itself? What will happen to modes of transportation as we become more adjusted to working when and from wherever we like? The Internet is not yet everywhere however the world is working on that.

I read a tech journalist yesterday that was laughing at the fact that going paperless was a failed idea. His opinion appeared to be that this cannot happen. I am not sure that he is very current with his technology. Paper companies are having serious problems because the printing, publishing, industries are losing to the digital world. His own way of life could be threatened. Ironically I did read his post on my computer.

A large number of people are in self denial. Are you with your job? Do you think your job will be the same in the next eleven years? If not, are you doing something about it? Problem is that the people I am speaking to are not reading this blog. Hmm…….

Things change, times change, the weather changes. We change!

I will leave the philosophy for now to go find new things on the Internet. I need to check the news, find out why my back is hurting, and maybe discover a new recipe. Our problems may still be the same however how we get to answers is going to be different.

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