Monday, March 10, 2014

Google Glass Is Mine!

I have waited a number of days to write this so I could look back at my feelings and respond appropriately.

googleglass002On February 28, 2014 I received an email from the Google Glass Explorer Program asking if I was still interested in Google Glass. My Invite had arrived! This is the day that I, with consultation with my wife, added to the debt limit and, at the same time, decreased our son’s inheritance. Sorry kid, I love ya’ but Google just got some of your money.

Story: About 12:05PM on Friday I received an email from Google wanting to know if I was still interested in obtaining Google Glass. I think I read it about 3 times and then called my wife. A little too much excitement here. You know there is a problem when you have someone my age giggling and cannot contain the laughter.

After much deliberation, some Starbucks coffee, at 3:40PM I placed the order. Next major problem; what color? I love Red but would draw too much attention. Next was Blue – hmm, my favorite color – next to Red, but again an attention getter. I want to do this but would like a little less attention. Black and White were out of the running so I settled for Grey.

Ironically I now wish I had gone with the red, hang the attention. Oh well.

All that was Friday the 28th. On March 5th they were in my hands. At the WalterGlasslast moment I was asked to teach an Excel class on March 5th (the due date) so I had to wait to pick them up at UPS that evening. Oh the excitement.

Now the long learning process begins. I did take pictures of the un-boxing however they were not much compared to my wearing them for the first time. Way too much excitement here.

It has now been 5 days since the unboxing and I have figured out how to;

  • Turn them on and off as well as adjust how they wear
  • Take a picture and a video (going through the car wash was funny)
    • I am impressed with the 5MP camera
  • Reply to email – which blew me away, It was an accident
  • Send pictures to people on purpose as well as in error
    • Took a picture of a gift basket and sent it to Leo Laporte – sorry Leo
  • I’ve learned to check the battery, the temperature, and the time
  • I have been in a Hangout

I have learned much more however I have a long way to go until they are part of my normal routine. I have to admit I have had no trouble wearing them, I adjusted very quickly. I can also wear out the battery very quickly.

I am mind boggled by what the potential is. I have been through a number of discussions since receiving the glasses as to area’s where something like this could be of great advantage. So much to do. Picture and Video taking with Bluetooth connection to my phone. I can screencast what I see to someone else and be involved in a Hangout. And I am only an Egg.

More as I go.

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