Sunday, February 7, 2016

I agree with Robert Scoble; A job title I would be envious of.

Sci-Fi Author Neal Stephenson Joins Mystery Startup Magic Leap as 'Chief Futurist' | WIRED:

After reading this I would put Magic Leap on the list to watch however I am more inclined to follow Google and their connection. I would love to have a start up with Sundar Pichai on the board. He did not get to the position at Google without having some instinct for the future. That is almost as valuable as the money.

Interesting about Social Media. I was led to this link via a Tweet by Robert Scoble that had a link to his Facebook page. Now I follow Robert (@Scobleizer) on Twitter and then on Facebook. I know that he will find things I would be interested in reading/knowing.

Yes I connect with my family and friends on Facebook and although Robert Scoble does not know me personally I consider him worthy of being a friend.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WONDERFUL - Microsoft confirms soft keyboard buy | Computerworld

Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft will catch up on the keyboard side of things. This, for me and many users, is a great move. There is a forum at Microsoft that talks about this but we are not getting much feedback from Microsoft. It is also one of my major complaints with Windows 10. On a tablet with a touch screen who want to be pecking and pecking when it is so much faster and easier to use a SwiftKey or Swype like keyboard.

Actually I have been using a Qwerty keyboard for over 60 years and at one time reached a very good keyboard speed. Now with Swype I can fly. The one thing I emphasize when teaching is the keys are in the same place on every keyboard, so once you learn where the letter A is it will always be there. Swyping is EASY and fast.

Microsoft confirms soft keyboard buy | Computerworld:

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Good news for Bluetooth users

The following article in Computerworld talks about advances upcoming in Bluetooth. My only hope would be that changes in distance (and timing) would work with prior items.

My biggest  issue is Bluetooth headsets in the home. I want from my room to the kitchen to get a drink and I lose connection. I cannot go into the basement without losing the sound. True wireless is better however most headsets are Bluetooth today. I think that all the headset manufacturers believe that the only people who use headsets are gamer's and always sitting at their computer. Not so....

Bluetooth wireless range and speed are getting better | Computerworld:

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

More on Open Live Writer

Yesterday when I wrote I said I was having a problem adding more than one blog. Well If I had looked in the right place I would have found it.

On the Home tab in the Publish group, where the name of your blog appears, if you click the down arrow at the end of the name you have options – one of which is “Add blog account”.

There is another way off the Insert tab in the Plug-ins group. If you click on Plug-in options, the navigaion panel on the left side will have an option “Accounts”. If you click on that you will have an option on the right side to add an account.

I have used both methods and they work well. Actually it was easier to add an account in Open Live Writer than it was in Windows Live Writer.

At present there are no Plug-ins available. It is an area the team is working on. It would be nice to have a “Twitter” plug-in to send a Tweet when you post. Also needed is one for Google+ – although I now read that Google+ is going away. The one fear of Google is that they will get tired of pushing something and it will go away.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Open Live Writer - Blogging is Back

Well at least for me.

I have been a user of Windows Live Writer since I was introducted to it by Paul Turrott on some way-back Windows Weekly show on the TWiT Network. At that time it was in Beta and I jumped on it and WOW.

blog-promotion1I have a blog, “Ease of Blogging” (although haven’t written there for awhile) where in July of 2010 I posted on the plug-ins that were available for Windows Live Writer.

I can’te really tell you how long I have been using Windows Live Writer however Microsoft, not wanting to get rid of it and yet not wanting to surport it, gave it up to Open Source.

In December of 2015 Blogger (Google) stop allowing one to post from Windows Live Writer – the “Security” fear.

Yesterday I found the Open Source version of Windows Live Writer andopenlivewriter-purpleheader it is Open Live Writer! It can be found at This is my first post using the NEW Open Live Writer. I am really looking forward to having this capability again. Easy and yet great controls over pictures and their placement, allowing you to resize and do some editing to the picture while in Open Live Writer.

At present my only concern is that I am not able to use multiple blog connections. Better put; I have not been able to discover how to add multiple blog connections. I am sure that it will happen.

Well I really want to hit the post button and see how it goes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Change is inevitable, we just adjust and move on.

I wanted to do some reading this morning and I do all my reading digitally. This morning being no different I left the house with my iPad.

Now I have to say that I have a Nexus 7 (First Edition) and  since I have expanded my horizons the Nexus 7 just sits on the desk. During one of the upgrades (5.0?) it got so slow that it was painful to use. I do have an HP 13" laptop/convertible - I can remove the screen - however it is 13" and that is too big to be a useful tablet in my mind.

The iPad is ok. I would rather have a Windows device as that is what I am used to but the Surface Pro 4 is a bit out of reach for me (and still does not have a Swype like keyboard). So the iPad still wins.

What happened this morning was interesting.

I got to McDonald's, got my coffee, and sat down and started to look at Facebook on the phone. Now the first thing I normally do at McDonald's is to bring out the phone, turn on the mobile hotspot, and connect my iPad. This morning I noticed that I had some Facebook connections on my phone and started to look at those first.

From Facebook I opened the Kindle app on my phone, found a book, and began to read. Why? Don't know, just did it.

For the next hour, hour and a half, I read parts of two books, checked email, and actually made notes in Microsoft Word - all on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

What is interesting about this is that I have said many times in the past that I would not use my phone in this way, never. Of course I also said that I would not use my phone to play music and now I have the Google Music app and use the phone where the iPod just lies there.

I really wanted an iTunes app for my Android phone but it just isn't available (Apple Music is not the same).

There are some things I don't like doing on my phone and one is heavy research using multiple objects on the screen at the same time. I need folders, to put things and the phone is a bit small however I don't need a desktop and wonder about a laptop. I find that something like the Surface Pro 4 is about the right size for most things that I do, not all, but most.

Time changes so much as we adjust to this technology.

Addition: When I got home I was cleaning up somethings in a closet and found my Microsoft Wedge keyboard that I had purchased for use with the Nexus 7. With the advent of the Swype like keyboards it kind of drifted away. I put new batteries in it and put the phone in my little stand and connected the keyboard and now I can look really funny at McDonald's - or wherever else I go.

I keep reading where the phone is the connected device and I guess I am one that can prove that point. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Is the fear of A.I. justified?

There are number of intellectual people today that have expressed a fear of the growth of A.I without some over site. .I have not paid a great deal of attention to their position although I respect the individuals who are questioning this research.

That was until this headline came to me today: "New 'moonshot challenge' at Harvard aims for giant leap in A.I.". This article, in Computerworld, goes on to say:
"Humanity has big hopes for artificial intelligence, but in reality machines have a long way to go to catch up with the human brain. Enter Harvard University, which has just won a $28 million grant to change all that."
That is a nice grant and the subject is interesting unless you realize:
 The grant was awarded by The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), part of the U.S. government's Office of the Director of National Intelligence
In the same directory at Computerworld there is another story that fits along with this one; "U.S. military wants to create cyborg soldiers".

Hmm....I think we need to review the objectives of our government and what other potential outcomes could result from rushing into this race for A.I. in warfare that could be used against us. We would be naive to think that everybody in our government is there for our best interest. Maybe, maybe not. Do we know?

From another perspective look into "Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates Warn About Artificial Intelligence" from the Observer.

Something to think about for Saturday beside shoveling snow.