Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Comment on the Samsung Gear S3 Coming Out.

Right up front you should know the Samsung Gear S3 watch, which is beginning to roll out (South Korea  currently) runs on the Samsung Tizen Operating System. It’ good but…..

Gear 2 ClassicI ‘was’ a happy user  of the Samsung Gear S2, I had some small issues that occurred between the Tizen OS and the Android OS. The Android OS is the operating system for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that I had at the time.

At issue was the fact that some Android app’s (example Google Keep) did not function well on the watch – actually not at all in my case. There were other app’s but I became enamored with the Samsung Pay app and so it made up for the other lacking's.

Fast forward, I had been going to trade in the phone at the end of the Verizon contract for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but alas that was not an option. While in the Verizon store we (my wife and I) looked at the Motorola Z Force (she having a current Moto watch) and it was pretty cool. Size was right for me and there was a “DEAL” – so we went for the Motorola Z Force, and now both of us are using the same phone.

While in the Verizon store I used the Samsung Pay app on the watch to initiate the purchase of our new phones, everybody smiled and the watch was a hit. 

After leaving the store, happily with our new phones, I went to pay for lunch with the watch and it did not work. Of course I had to think/wonder/discover why not.

This brought about an “A Ha!” moment.  Enlightenment at it’s best. The Samsung Pay app will not work on the watch without having a Samsung phone connected.

I am always looking to learn and this was one of those times, I wanted to pass along my experience.

I like the watch it’s just too bad that some aspects of the watch won’t work unless you have a Samsung phone, and plan to always have a Samsung phone – or at least as long as you own the watch. Sounds like a closed system, hmmmm….

My next watch will run the Android OS, you can bet on that. Android Pay works very well thank you, and I will bet that it will work on my watch one day.

Have a Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7–A Bummer For Me

OK so my contract with Verizon is about up and I am ready to think about a new phone. Actually I have been thinking for some time and I had decided (back in July) that it would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and was real happy with what I had read about the Note 7. Back in August I talked with Verizon and I did not like the trade-in I was offered so I decided to wait until the contract was up – well it’s up this month however things have changed.

What to do, what to do.

I really don’t have any phone in mind other than the Note 7. I am a Samsung user. I really should say that we are a Samsung family, refrigerator, washer/dryer, 3 TV’s, and my phone. Oh yes, a Samsung Microwave. Add to this the fact that I recently purchased a Samsung Gear S2 Classic. Samsung Pay works on my watch and I love using it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeWith all of this I am pre-disposed to buy a new Samsung phone but can’t make up my mind. S7 Edge does not have a stylus, bummer.,

After reading “Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy S7 Edge: What’s The Difference?” from Forbes, I suspect the S7 is my best bet – even without the stylus (darn). I have also recently seen that Samsung has been adding some Note 7 features to the S7, read: “Samsung Galaxy S7 gets the Note 7’s Always on Display upgrade”. Samsumg VR

OK Verizon here I come, well maybe. Still have to think – FOBO (Smile).

I wonder if the Samsung Gear S2 will connect to the new Pixel by Google?  I wonder if they, Verizon, will throw in a Samsung VR – that could make a deal.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Amazon’s responsiveness is very good but you must be aware.

There is a NY Times article this morning, “Subscribe and Save on Amazon? Don’t Count on It” and it is a thought provoking writing.

AmazonWe buy from Amazon often however we do not actually subscribe to any ongoing products. We do buy our coffee regularly from Amazon. What I discovered is that the people who sell through Amazon can have many varying prices for the same product. I suspect Amazon does not discriminate between it various seller’s.

When Amazon sends a notice to re-order we have found it often comes from a different supplier and the price can be (and is often) quite different – sometimes actually higher. Before purchasing I review all the other prices from various seller’s.

In many ways I think of Amazon as a Mall; the sellers meet all the quality criteria to sell via Amazon however Amazon cannot control their price.

Recently we purchased an item from Amazon that was to be supplied by a seller via Amazon. We order the product by name and at price A. When the product arrived the packing list said it was exactly as ordered however the physical product was not.

The product received was as good as what we wanted so we would keep it but in research the product received was less than price A, which we paid.

We wrote Amazon detailing the complete issue and within 45 minutes we received an email and the credit had been applied.

FANTASTIC Customer Service. And that is what we are after.

We have been customers of Amazon for 10 years and Prime members for a number of those years. We thoroughly enjoy the service. I have not had to write often but when we do we get a response.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tesla's fatal Autopilot accident: Why the New York Times got it wrong - TechRepublic

Tesla's fatal Autopilot accident: Why the New York Times got it wrong - TechRepublic:

I think I'll go with Tech Republic on this one. Actually I don't think the NY Times likes technological changes or Elon Musk and Tesla for that matter. Hmmm....I think there was a prior article regarding Tesla that Elon Musk rebutted with facts. But then that's me.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Samsung’s OS Tizen on Watches - Next Phones?

The following is a personal opinion (as is all of my writing).

Galaxy Note 4mI have been very happy with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and because of that I purchased a Samsung Gear 2 Classic running Tizen – not my best choice. I suspect I should have gone with an Android OS on a watch.

The Samsung Gear 2 Classic is a really great watch, it runs well and look good. I like the way you access apps and get information, the bezel is fantastic; however, and it is a big however, I cannot get my favorite Android app’s.Gear 2 Classic Keep for one is missing and that is an important app. There are others that are missing as well.

Now I read in 9TO5GOOGLE; “Report claims that Samsung is considering moving all of its devices to Tizen”. Time to rethink all of my future plans.

I really like my Android OS and running on the Samsung phone it has been really great. This is not my first Samsung phone. There are app’s that I like which are available on the Android OS but not on the Samsung Tizen and I doubt if they ever will be.

On another note; I do not believe that 4 App Stores can run well, Microsoft is having that problem at #3 and Samsung is not even near Microsoft.

Samsung makes great hardware however their app selection is just not the same as Android or Apple (hmm yes, that is alphabetically correct – An before Ap), and yes, Microsoft.

Music is one place where they are not up to speed. Apple with their music, Google Music, and now Amazon is doing very well. Being an Amazon Prime member I use their music a great deal and I have an app on my Android device and I believe it is available on Apple devices. I have used an iPod for years – not switching to Milk (Samsung’s music app). 

Perhaps my next purchase will send me back to Motorola and I just might look at Apple – they make a great watch and I can use all the Apple and Android app’s (I have an iPod and iPad).

Microsoft watch? Hmmm…….I wonder if they will run Android app’s?

I think Tizen is an up-hill battle for Samsung.