Friday, November 8, 2019

A.I. Run Amok

Headline today from Bloomberg: "Motorola Claims Chines Rival Had a Double Agent Steal Its Trade Secrets". I had to look up Chines and from the first entry on search (Google) "The Free Dictionary" comes up (online at From The Free Dictionary I found the following definition:


a. The backbone or spine, especially of an animal.
b. A cut of meat containing part of the backbone.
2. A ridge or crest.
3. Nautical The line of intersection between the side and bottom of a flatbottom or V-bottom boat.
tr.v. chined, chin·ing, chines
To cut (a carcass, for example) through the spine, as when butchering.

I suspect they may have butchered the abbreviation of Chinese. Someone needs to update the Deep Learning of Bloomberg's A.I. proof reader.

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