Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Future and The Inevitable Change Upon Us

The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time - Watch and then sign up for the Futurism newsletter. 

Interesting video via Futurism, . If I take the 2 Decades (or 20 years) this video proposes it will put me at 98, my son at 73, and my oldest grandchild in his early 40's. Hmm... Are we, are they, prepared for this?  

What are we doing today for those in, or entering, high school? Are we preparing them for yesterday or tomorrow? Really? 

As for our government, it's not in their ken. They spend too much time getting re elected to have a good understanding of what is 'really' going on in today's world. One good reason for 2 term limits. They, like many others, haven't got a clue as to what is happening, and what we get are reactions, not based on knowledge, but lack of knowledge compounded by fear. 

The changes that came to us, and we were able to assimilate, for the most part, we had time. I do realize that not all of us have been enlightened with the technological advancements of today and some have not yet accepted the reality. Unlike the luddite's of earlier times I believe that most see the inevitable future, however; some are intimidated - as the luddite's may have been. 

Hmmm.....I wonder if intimidation was the fear behind the luddite movement?  

What about kids being born today; are the parents going to be able to prepare them for their future? Not to long ago parents could not contend with "the new math". 

As up-to-date as I may think that I am, I have no idea what the intricacies of AI are. Coupled with the complexity of evaluating the large amounts of data we are currently gathering. Where to from here? 

Admittedly I find this world of discovery fascinating; just think what we can, or will be able to, do. It amazing. 

Well, at least to me, the Curious Voyager...

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