Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Surface Pro Onscreen Keyboard Needs Update/Replacement

I really do like my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 however the keyboard is useless when attempting to use this device as a tablet.

After years of having a swype like keyboard (whether its Swype, Google, or some facsimile) on Android or Apple devices this Surface Pro onscreen keyboard is just not the best it could be. I would rather do my writing on my Android phone and then copy and paste it into my blog than use this dumb tap-tap-tap onscreen keyboard.

Actually the Microsoft Office 365 apps on the Android phone are really pretty good and I do start a number of Microsoft Word documents on the phone and then clean them up on a Windows device. Perhaps Microsoft's new connection to Samsung could bring this about.

Please note (and stated many times in the past) I am a keyboarder. I learned to type in the 50's (1950's that is) and, at one time, exceeded 70 to 80 words a minute. And yet I can be faster on a swype like keyboard - almost like taking shorthand (there is a memory test).

I know there are others out there who agree with me as I see it all the time on one of those Community Boards on Microsoft, which I suspect no one at Microsoft reads.

I have often wondered how this, so last decade, onscreen keyboard is maintained. My thoughts are thatit is IT and perhaps Engineer's who do not do much writing, or only use this for coding. 

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