Friday, November 11, 2016

Comment on the Samsung Gear S3 Coming Out.

Right up front you should know the Samsung Gear S3 watch, which is beginning to roll out (South Korea  currently) runs on the Samsung Tizen Operating System. It’ good but…..

Gear 2 ClassicI ‘was’ a happy user  of the Samsung Gear S2, I had some small issues that occurred between the Tizen OS and the Android OS. The Android OS is the operating system for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that I had at the time.

At issue was the fact that some Android app’s (example Google Keep) did not function well on the watch – actually not at all in my case. There were other app’s but I became enamored with the Samsung Pay app and so it made up for the other lacking's.

Fast forward, I had been going to trade in the phone at the end of the Verizon contract for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but alas that was not an option. While in the Verizon store we (my wife and I) looked at the Motorola Z Force (she having a current Moto watch) and it was pretty cool. Size was right for me and there was a “DEAL” – so we went for the Motorola Z Force, and now both of us are using the same phone.

While in the Verizon store I used the Samsung Pay app on the watch to initiate the purchase of our new phones, everybody smiled and the watch was a hit. 

After leaving the store, happily with our new phones, I went to pay for lunch with the watch and it did not work. Of course I had to think/wonder/discover why not.

This brought about an “A Ha!” moment.  Enlightenment at it’s best. The Samsung Pay app will not work on the watch without having a Samsung phone connected.

I am always looking to learn and this was one of those times, I wanted to pass along my experience.

I like the watch it’s just too bad that some aspects of the watch won’t work unless you have a Samsung phone, and plan to always have a Samsung phone – or at least as long as you own the watch. Sounds like a closed system, hmmmm….

My next watch will run the Android OS, you can bet on that. Android Pay works very well thank you, and I will bet that it will work on my watch one day.

Have a Happy Weekend.

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