Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thoughts on the Microsoft Word app on the Ipad.

I am using the Microsoft Word app on the iPad to initially write this post and is really great. If it is the same on a Windows tablet when released I know it will succeed. I have seen some screenshots of what it could be for Windows 10 and the upcoming office package and I am impressed.

Touch is fantastic. I recently purchased an HP notebook with Touch and my wife wanted to know why I wasn't using Touch on the screen. Can't hit those tiny 'X's' or whatever - fat fingers (?). I am enjoying the Touch ability on the notebook, just not in Word (or Excel, PowerPoint).

If there is one thing that I like on my iPad is that I can use either an external keyboard or the onscreen Swype keyboard that I installed (after upgrading to iOS 8). The ‘clunker’ (my description) tap-on-each-letter keyboard is very slow, and frustrating – for a keyboarder that is. With the Swype keyboard I can take my iPad portable and still write at a great speed.  When I want I can add the Apple Bluetooth keyboard to fly across the keys. Note: I have been a keyboarder for over 60 years so I know where all the keys are on a QWERTY keyboard.

Being a Windows/Microsoft user all these years, and it’s associated hardware, the Apple keyboard takes some getting used to. The Apple keyboard does not function as well with MS Word as it does in Pages as some of the keyboard (keystroke’s) shortcuts do not apply. One in mind is ‘Backspace’. The Apple keyboard has a delete key and when operating on Apple software/apps depressing the ‘fn’ key in conjunction with the ‘delete’ key, the ‘delete’ key becomes a backspace key, not so in MS Word, all we have is delete.

I have to add that I copied all the text in the Word app and pasted it into the Blogger word processor for completeing this post and found that the keystroke for 'backspace' works. Hmm....

Microsoft may have to allow Nuance (the developer of Swype) to create it's app for Word (Excel and beyond). 

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