Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Instead of Fighting Chromebooks Microsoft Want To Use Them

In today's TechRepublic there was an article: Microsoft ready to go head-to-head with Chromebooks and Android tablets - TechRepublic: and after reading about IBM getting caught up with Apple it was my thought that Microsoft might want to get better acquainted with the Chromebook.

Compared to the Chromebook most of Microsoft's (and partner's) hardware is bloated, heavy, and out-of-touch (not to mention out of date). Just sayin'.....

Microsoft in the last months released Word and Excel to the iPad and it is time they released it to Android.

I think one thing that is being overlooked here is Google is trying to connect the world to data and they are also working with IBM. They got into the hardware business because everything else was bloated and not necessary. Hardware today is a commodity and we need that which we can use easily, everywhere, and is exciting. That is E3 or better said E to the Third Power - it's Everywhere, it's Easy, and it's Exciting.

Once again I have to say it is time Microsoft started to think about separating Windows and Office. In today's world tying your software to the Operating System is hindering the software sales. Some of the best app's are across all OS's. Something like Evernote which has hurt OneNote in the last few years. There are others.

Recently I had a CPA I know come up to me and tell me all about his new purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S tablet.  This is the same CPA that not too long ago stated his big concern was Excel and Word and had therefore put off anything until Microsoft did something he thought would work. Well change of plans. He is now using Samsung and has found an app that will allow him to open and work with his Excel files. He is so delighted that he does not have to carry around his laptop wherever he goes. He does a lot of reading and the Kindle App is also very good. He was so excited.

Maybe it's time for Microsoft to re-think the re-think - or did they already do that? Hmm......

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